Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Was it a Ufo over LondonDerry Uk ? September 29 2009

New report from the Derry paper September 29:

"It was around 9.30pm," said Owen. "It was a very clear night and I noticed a very bright orange ball of light which was travelling at a quick speed and it was bobbing around.

"I called the rest of my family out to have a look and they were amazed at this sight as it flew over. There was no sound, it was completely silent. I called my dad but by then it had gone. Thinking all was over my dad, who was now at the back of the house, called to say there was another (light] on the same flight path as the other. A very bright ball shape which appeared about two minutes after the first."

Luckily Owen, who works in Sainsbury's, grabbed his camcorder in time. "I filmed it from one side of the street and then over my roof," he said. "My mother, brother and girlfriend watched it pass over. My dad, still out the back of the house, watched it streak across the sky.
"Three minutes later the last of them flew over and went out of sight. There were three altogether. We then went inside to put the footage on to the big screen only to see that at one point a smaller object shot straight up in front of it. Now, I have seen the odd thing in the sky but this was different."

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Andy said...

Looks like a light on a stick to me.

Anonymous said...

i've seen it 8 times its no light on a stick, i dont no what it is and ive seen it when it was just a few hundred feet up

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