Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mystery Ufo crash over La Pampa argentina Sunday Sept 27th 2009

If anyone live in argentina and saw this please respond to this post.. the crash is still a mystery.

This crash occured on Sunday, September 27th 2009 and was seen from points as distant as the Chilean city of Temuco and Mar del Plata on the Atlantic Ocean. According to Dr. Richard Branham of the Centro Regional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnologicas, the object was solid body rather than a meteor or meteorite.

Crashed over La Pampa argentina Sunday Sept 27th 2009
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hernan said...

It didn't crash in la pampa, it crashed in Mendoza, 300 miles to the west. The cientifics said that it exployed in 3 pieces before it crashed making a 35 meters (like 2 or 3 school buses) hole. I hope you can have more information because we don't know nothing, a man told that he was driving his car in a near route and his car turn off, it round out of electricity. Please if you have more information send it to me [email protected]

thanks (and sory for my inglish)

Anonymous said...

It was confirmed to be a meteorite by local astronomers... i saw that on local argentinian news

VirtuallyLucid said...

In the posted video, when the videographer zoom in, you can clearly see that the column of smoke extends to the ground. The illuminated portion is just where sunlight is striking it. Below that portion, the column is in shadow from a cloud or mountain, or other structure in the distance to the viewer's left, off camera.

Just so no one gets confused about a weird glowing thing hanging in the sky. This is a column of smoke, half-illuminated by the sun.

Also, if anyone ever tells you that something is a solid object "rather than a meteor or meteorite," slap them silly. A "meteoroid" is a solid object travelling through space. When it hits our atmosphere and burns, we call it a "meteor." If it makes it to the ground, the rock left behind is a "meteorite." All three are, by definition, solid objects as they are the same object under different circumstances: a piece of space rock.

Pretty nifty thing to catch on tape, though.

Wineguy999 said...

So painfully that this is the sun illuminating a cloud from behind. Geez, either get a life or get new eyes, people.

Anonymous said...

Well spotted VirtuallyLucid!!

We'll get them pesky ufo's next time!!

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