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Minister talks about the Ufo over Perm , Russia Sept 15

On Thursday 15 September numerous residents in and around the Russian city of Perm witnessed a UFO or unknown object fall in the direction the ground:
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Eyewitness Shadrina Love says that she saw "something" about ten o'clock in the evening. At this time the girl was with friends on the esplanade of the city after the performance of the ensemble "Huun Huur Tu". "We just came out of the Philharmonic Hall - tells the interlocutor. - I turned around and suddenly saw in the sky glow. During Kamsky bridge the distance across the river at high altitude flying a strange object. Specifically, they were five burning debris.

According to Ms. Shadrin, one of the flying fragments was bigger than the others and flew in the center, four other smaller ones - around him. "These pieces are gradually fade. I only lasted just two minutes - says permyachka. - Without a single sound. Discounted fragments I saw in the night sky quite clearly. Near crowded people who also watched the strange object. The largest fragment was extinguished before all the rest still shone. I thought at the time: perhaps it was a meteorite. "

The second witness Julia Usynin more restrained described their feelings from what he saw. "Around 22:00, I was strolling near the monument to heroes of the front and rear. Around people drank beer and even the most paid no attention to what is happening over their heads. Maybe I have not noticed, - explained the girl. - I had time to see how the sky seemed to explode the star, and seemed to be behind it lay a glowing tail. It was evident that this bright object is very high. "

The situation was explained to the Minister of Public Security of the Perm region, Igor Orlov. "It is definitely not a secret or a public secret that our territory is geographically the course of the orbit, - the minister said. - In the Perm region periodically pick up the pieces, used parts, burnt-out rocket stages after the start of any object in space. " According to Mr. Orlov, there is even a special ongoing program with the Federal Space Agency and Permian specialists. It should be noted that the trajectory of the fall is at a distance from settlements.

"Like any other officer in my place, I must comment on anything, relying only real facts. Also documented the testimony of witnesses other information yet, - emphasized Minister of Public Security. - If you talk about my own position, then - yes, that - that was. If we talk about some actual balances of some found on the site of the crash of substance - nothing.

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