Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Policeman Gary Heseltine - now a Ufo investigator

Police are often seen as the most credible sources for Ufo reports because they are often the first on the scene and are often called when ufos are reported. Sadly most Ufo reports when filed by police go no where because governments don't want to know and there is no official Ufo investigation body for police to contact.

But now a former Uk policeman has tabled hundreds of Police Ufo reports and is calling for official investigation of the findings.

Seven years ago Det Con Heseltine created a database to cover UFO sightings by officers both on and off duty (his website link).

He has now investigated more than 330 cases involving more than 750 officers.
His favourite relates to 1979 when three unsuspecting bobbies parked up for a chat and a cigarette in a quiet country lane at 3am."One of the best to come my way was from Chiltern in the Thames Valley in 1979 involving a PC Eric Rayment and two of his colleagues," he said. "It was an amazing report."

They didn't think much of a bright white light in the distance that blurred into view for a few seconds before continuing their conversation."Five minutes later and suddenly the bright white light appears and it's the size of a football pitch shining a beam down the width of a football field," said the father-of-three."It was at an altitude of about 500 feet and was about a mile away from where they were."

After moving its beam across the landscape a remarkable thing happened.

"There are smaller objects flying around the larger object akin to the mother ship and suddenly it's gone, as corny as it sounds," the detective said.

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