Thursday, November 19, 2009

Montana - this is the ISS right 17th November 2009

Correct me if im wrong think this is the ISS - International Space station?
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Adam said...

The date is right for it to be the ISS being followed by the Shuttle Atlantis' docking approach

. said...

Doesn't look like the ISS to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have seen this orbs before! But never together like this. I often see one on its own and if I wait long enough will see another 10-15mins after. I too thought it might be the ISS but you can track its orbit and it turns out it was nowhere near my part of the UK at that time. Me thinks we were visited by someone else, I have seen many since.
You can tack it here.

Kittybriton said...

Not sure what you videoed here, but the dog bark at the beginning set my two off! And I have more-or-less got them trained to ignore anything on TV or computer so my guess is the dog said something like "what the ... is THAT?"

Jayder said...

I saw the same thing tonight here in Pocatello Idaho at 5:45pm. After viewing it I went checked nasa sight and found that it is the time that it was supposed to fly over and the space shuttle was behind it.

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