Sunday, November 15, 2009

Triangle Ufo season is here - November 2009 - all over the USA at the moment!

Triangles, Triangles, Triangles they are all over the USA by why ?
Top secret plane or Ufo? thats all we are seeing at the moment:
Large triangular ufo structure with milky-green lights at each point. CA, US 13th nov 2009:
CA, US 13th nov 2009

Murraysville PA USA - fake plane?

awesome squadron ufo video 2009 USA
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Anonymous said...

This is very easy to fake. They are "chinese lanterns" that are connected to a line on the ground. When the wind picks them up they appear to fly fast. When the tether runs out, they stop on a dime. The can also be reeled in to show the moving slowly backwards.

Anonymous said...

There's even a giveaway at the end, when the guys are done with the display and come walking back to applause and cries of "Great show!".

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