Saturday, November 21, 2009

Man says he's filmed Ufos over Houston Texas - Fox

Fox presentation of Chris Hardmens Ufo channel on youtube
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Anonymous said...

Two most important movies made in the 1950s tell us many facts about UFOs, the poles and their alien bases, the visit of aliens, alien contacts, etc.

1. The Day Earth Stood Still

2. The Thing from Another World.

The last one was perhaps an acceptance of roswell crash.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is my position on ufo's. Push Back , Shine lasers on them , Shine flood lights , the big ones that send a power full beam of light in too the sky. Shine hand held lights on the ufo's. Shine black lights on them. Shine infrared lights on them. Hold up a magnet with your arm out in the direction of the ufo and shine a light over and around the magnet at the ufo. This all may sound silly , however many of these craft are survey craft that operate on there own and many are piloted , the name of the game is push and pull , get them out in the open for every one to see. If you have a private plane , go up and have a look. Be proactive , Push Back. If you meet citizens of the universe in person , do not scream and cry like idiot. Make a deal with them , what have you got loose? I know this , us and the rest of the citizens of the universe are all playing by the same rules.

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