Friday, November 20, 2009

Strange craft - November 18th - what was it?

Colorado November 2009 - This poster argues we aren't seeing a normal plane here - its a fake plane he argues - absence of sounds and unsual faa lights.. whats your opinions? any comments?

ohh and this one

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Matthew Puskavich said...

i see this every night in the sky for the past 3 years now.I'd put up a video but my camera isnt good enough.But this is what exactly what I see.The color change and everything,it moves up and down and sidde to side.I dont know if it's government or aliens.One of the the two I know its not normal.When I saw the up close shot of the craft it gave me goosebumps.I fanally saw what it looks like upclose I wondered what it would like like.Thanks for the videos I finally found a video of what I been seeing!!

Alien said...

I took this video and many others actually. Check out my youtube channel for a lot more.

these are not airplanes. In the process of rounding up several pilots for on camera interviews.

Anyone wants to be part email me at [email protected].

This is 2 of 3 flyovers that happened on the 18th. Another happened on the 4th!

Anonymous said...

normal airplanes... i dont know but some people are a bit stupid

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