Monday, November 16, 2009

Questions answered about that triangle Object over Burbank, California

I asked joe the guy that filmed the object over Burbank, California some further questions about the amazing triangle object he filmed that were brought up by some skeptics:

Could it be a kite with lights or a hang-glider?

Joe's Response:
First off, we live at one of the highest points in the area, actually higher than the Universal Tower, Hilton, etc. In fact there are no other areas higher than us for a hanglider to take off from. The object was at least 1000 feet to several miles above us. There was also a strong Santa Ana Wind event on Friday evening (take a look at the weather conditions in the area at 10:20 pm), so much so, that the reason for me going out on my deck in the first place was to remove the wind chimes which were going crazy from the intense winds. Also, had it been anything that would have been wind driven, it would not have gone from North to South, and reappear due East moments later, especially since Santa Anas come from Hang-gliding would not be an option in these conditions (gale force from our home----in fact, the sound that you hear on the video is actually the sound of the wind--and not the object.)

It is also important to note, that we sit smack in the middle of what is knows as "the CAHUENGA PASS"; hence, any wind event going on in the area (particularly Santa Ana winds) is amplified, as we are between 2 canyons. Moreover, the entire surrounding area (and where the object appeared and travelled) is Burbank Airport airspace. Finally, the speed at which the object first disappeared to the south was, from what it appeared, Mach-like. It started as a hover, and after the "light show" as I choose to reference it, it took off at incredible speed to the south before it disappeared.

What you see in the video, is the reappearance of the object minutes later in a different part of the sky--EAST, as opposed to North to South, when I first witnessed it. Therefore, the height, size, weather conditions, speed, location, and continuous morphing and changing direction, make the hang-gliding theory moot. Regarding a kite, that's a no brainer. What I saw was larger than any 747 or stealth fighter (which we see each year flying over head at the beginning of the rose bowl parade.)

Were their search lights - like from a helicopter?

Joes's Response:
There were NO search lights whatsoever, or highbeams focusing on the ground. We see helicopters searching for all sorts of things here in the area: high speed chases, forest fires, etc. This was nothing like it. In fact, the first lights I saw, coming form the triangle were amazingly bright orbs, yet very "mellow" and "comforting", if that makes any sense. The lights you see on the video were from the object once it appeared to transform and change light color (from the milky green to whiteish.)
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