Monday, November 16, 2009

Questions about the Cardiff Ufos answered

I asked the guy who posts the Cardiff Ufos your questions about them being satellites ...
Heres the reply i got:

Maybe one or 2 can be explained away as satellites but i am seeing to many different types of objects over the course of an evening and some travelling at phenomenal speeds that i doubt they are satellites. I have so many videos taken by myself and clearly you can see that they are not or could be satellites.

Also some display different light patterns and some pulsate and others give out huge flashes while moving at high speed.Only last night i caught what i thought was maybe 2 UFOs one chasing another and the rear one pulsating? but I'm not so sure that it may have been one craft showing 2 lights rear pulsating and front fading in and out of appearance.

Honestly i could go on with stories of what i have seen and some we have seen without any need for night optics or any other devices and clearly they were not ours - unless they are or were some government crafts we do not know about and if that was so then they have a great variety of crafts that are silent, bright,triangular,huge balls of white or orange lights and do some amazing speeds and manoeuvres.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely some satellites in these videos, but also some very worthy material. 2 for example in this one together seem quite spooky. But the first object seems nothing more than a sat.

Ryan said...

I'm digging these "Questions answered" posts. Good stuff.

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