Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The bright flashing Ufos

Very good footage - does anyone know the location and what does the flashing mean?
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markymint said...

Old-ish video; another uploader claiming it to be 2002 but personally I think it first surfaced late summer 2008. Good video though, but not a "new" sighting.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentions "UFO Days". A quick google pulls up Elmwood, Wisconsin. They have one at the end of July evey year. And judging by some of the peoples accent, I'd bet that is where this footage was taken.

Anonymous said...

This video was shot a Benson's Hideway on Long Lake, Wisconsin near Dundee, Wisconsin. It was the annual UFO Days in 2007, July. I was there and they were signaling to all the people there, about 300, some of who were contactees. It was awesome!! This area is at the northern edge of the Kettle Moraine State Forest and a hot spot for UFO's. I have seen many there.

Anonymous said...

I think its just those "chinese lantern" things. Notice how they flicker and then fade. Nothing special

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