Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ufo sighting over California December 6, 2010

Date of sighting: December 6, 2010 20:44:00
Location of sighting: Los Angeles, California

I was watching the live cam that was looking in opposite direction from LAX airport and I noticed these hovering glowing orbs over a freeway in LA. The first time I saw the cam it looked like a row of glowing orbs on a long wing, much like the famous Phoenix Lights UFO back in Arizona in 1996 which was seen by thousands of people.

After seeing this unusual craft, I scwbooks got onto Twitter and posted the info so others could confirm my sighting live. Several others did saying that they saw the UFOs on the live cam. I also posted it on Facebook while it was happening. I did this because confirmation of a sighting is most important. I also immediacy emailed for confirmation.

This is happing right over a LA freeway!! Now I don't know if drivers could see this because this is a night cam, which can see beyond the spectrum of the human eye, but I sure hope someone else out there is recording it besides me!
I reported on a similar UFO sighting last month on the same cam and this is the exact same craft as before, but this time it is much closer that last time. Whatever it is, it is amazing.

Please check out this cam from time to time, since this is the second sighting of this UFO, but just in a slightly different and closer location this time.
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OmarKahn said...

This is a cam that is facing eastbound on the 105 fwy right over imperial hwy. All those lights are planes on landing approach. How do I know? I live a few blocks from this location and that parking structure is for the aig building. No Ufos in this vid. Sorry. I can take this kind of footage nightly directly from my window.a

Anonymous said...

On December 6th (between 9:00pm - 9:30pm)
I live about 8.47 miles from LAX. My sister and I saw some blinking lights just west above my home, we thought it was a military exercise, however, just behind the blinking lights we saw another craft. We grabbed binoculars and could see about four lights flying (no sound). I said to my sister, that looks like the Phoenix lights. I was amazed at what we saw.
When I saw a post on Mufon indicating a possible ufo over LAX, I knew it was the same craft we saw. Infact, it was traveling northwest from my house, which is in the direction airport.
Its nice to know I wasn't just seeing things. Whew!

Anonymous said...

You give the whole U.F.O. effort a bad name dude.

Anonymous said...

You give U.F.O. watchers a bad rep dude.

Anonymous said...

I find the Comments, 1 & 2 Reader interesting!
The first Reader lives there, and sees this all the time; "Lights"
Planes coming in to land,seen from
the window all the time, "Normal!"
and is convinced; Planes! not ufo!?
this is ok! but do we need to be
mindful,that what we get used to
seeing, can also be taken for granted,after awhile!?...We all do this,..Yes!?
My point here is: ETs would know this, and easily slip in amongst
Aircraft lights coming in to land.
If this were to be true,then could
one be blamed for thinking, that perhaps the Pilots & passengers might be seeing something out there
But of cause,we know that the Pilots don't wont to lose their jobs,so they are a little reluctant
to come forward on this,and say anything...Now! if I'm rong on this
& I could be!? then how do we explain, "Reader no.2" comments,
in contrast??
He and his sister, might have been
mistaken,with what they had seen!?
The word: CRAFT!...could be a Disc
or Aircraft;Plane!?...What exactly did they see?...A bright stationary
light,could be a ufo. OR An aircraft,coming head on with the strong landing lights on! Looks the same! blikin lights and all! but what if he & his Sister are correct....? Whew! lol

Anonymous said...

To the: (3rd. & 4th.Comments)

Seeing is believing, "ONLY!" if you know what you saw!?

Anything else is CONJECTURE! OK?...

Anonymous said...

These are airplanes people! I see this same line up of aircrafts lights every morning on the way to work (4AM) and can make my own video to prove it! they are not UFO's, I work right accross the street from the airport LAX, and by the way, I am a believer in UFO's! I once spotted a UFO in daylight about 100 Yards away & 60ft high in the air, once you see one with your own eyes right in front of you it's a done deal.

Anonymous said...

To the: (7th.Comment)

lol. I like the "done deal" bit!
We could all do with some of that!
I bet you froze on the spot!.....?
I know I would, not knowing what its intent was going to be!......

Anonymous said...

This is just sad and desperate! Its just the typical busy LA night sky. Make up whatever story you wnat to go along with it if you must, but i'm certain LAX can account for everyone of those dots in the sky.

As forsReal UFOs posting this, where are your standards?! It really just getting silly now, worse than Sheilaaliens

Anonymous said...

To the: (9th. Comment)

comment about Real ufos....Yawn!?

The hole thing is sad,because there
has been no DISCLOSURE! on whats going on around us,and some people
don't even know that!.......?

Randall said...

Normally I freak out and get all excited when I see videos of orbs hovering over areas of the world. But like others have pointed out, this video is taken from a freeway cam about 3 miles from LAX! Also, anyone who lives in LA county and surrounding counties knows that they can walk outside of where the live at anytime during the night and see lights from planes lined up for multiple airports miles away. John Wayne, Long Beach, LAX, Ontario, Compton Woodly Airport, Fullerton Airport. Also let's not forget Los Alamitos Air Force base.

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