Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Watch in fullscreen - UFO In Australia Dec 7th 2010 ?

New Ufo video from Australia Shot on the evening of december 7th 2010
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Anonymous said...

Well there ya go! that's what I call clears!
The Aussies know how to get it right, thats interesting!
I wonder if that shot, could have been a little closer,without being

Anonymous said...

I saw the exact same thing in the Brisbane sky this evening (8th Dec). I thought it was a plane until it got closer. Was about 5 light across in similar strobe pattern running in a direct line from left to right (same as footage). So unless this is a new form of passenger jet avionics identity lights array, then it sure is unusual. It had the same effect visually & did not seem like the normal jets lights at all to me. It also did not follow the flight path to our city's airport either. Maybe someone in the airlines industry who knows better can answer?

Anonymous said...
i think its fake judging by this page

Anonymous said...

its a fake zoom in on the craft as it crosses the power line and watch the power lines next to the craft notice the sudden changes?

Anonymous said...

This is a nice effect - some videocameras has , like SONY DCR-TRV 720 - called "overlap", consisting in delaing the previous image over the new one . Then , using slow motion editing, one can make the effect longer .The effect is very nice , can be use for "teleportation" ilussion. Nice try guys forgot to use some chetchup "blood" for the spirit ;-)

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