Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Chile Ufo Orbs

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Anonymous said...

Not sure what they are, though it sounds like a good time!

Anonymous said...

I'm suspicious. Every time the filmer wants something to change, the camera lets the orb go out of frame and suddenly the orb is gone when the camera jerks back. This is an easy way to cover up shitty post production work, if you ask me. FAKE.

Nick DK said...

This looks like that yearly fly-show we have seen videos of before in here.
But then look at 1:06 !!!
There is an orb shooting str8 up in the sky in the middel and a little too the right of the video!
Seems like the guy making this video are not aware of this??

Anonymous said...

what a bunch drunk idiots. I was sort of hoping they would be abducted.

Chris said...

I was watching this video and noticed as the orbs moved off the screen you can see them move vertical up into the sky. Their speed and movement reminds me of the Jerusalem video posted a couple of weeks ago???

VirtuallyLucid said...

How many times is footage of this annual flight school display going to be used as UFO evidence?

These are planes, they are flying from right to left, turning towards the camera in an arc and then flying towards the landing strip from left to right. As they turn, the landing lights shine directly at the camera are very bright.

They don't shoot up in the sky.


On the far right of the screen, in the foreground, is a very obvious lamp post. Bugs are flying around the lamp post and when they do that, they reflect light. There is a large bug that flies there towards the ending of the video. That's the "orb shooting up."

These "orbs" don't fly in ways that are impossible. They don't move at impossible speeds. The people don't sound like this is something unexpected and strange, but rather normal and an annual celebration that includes these planes....every....single...year.

Why do we keep seeing completely normal planes behaving in completely normal ways being promoted as "UFOs" or "orbs" or "strange craft?" It makes people who sincerely search for UFO evidence seem like ignorant fools who don't know what they're talking about. People dismiss legitimate researchers and eye-witnesses as ignorant fools and nutcases because of footage like this.

Anonymous said...

Los Halcones, the Chilean air force display team, doing a night-time performance. We've been here before...

Michael said...

Show me another video of airplanes performing these same maneuvers. Seriously, post a link if that's what is shown in this video, as you say, and you claim there are others showing the same thing, i'd love to see them.

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