Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan hit by powerful Earthquake - as predicted by Solar activity?

As i previously advised as we are now approaching the solar maximus period in 2013 we will need to be on the lookout for increased earthquake activity. Following the devastating earthquake in New Zealand and now todays 8.9 earthquake in Japan and resulting tsunami, many people are asking why is Earth being hit with so many powerful and more frequent earthquakes at present?.
It was the most powerful Earthquake in Japan's History ever and the 7th most powerful earthquake recorded on Earth!!
One controversial explanation is impact on earth from solar flares due to recent increased activity on the sun. When a large amount of energy is absorbed by the earths crust it has to be dissapated somehow and the earth responds with earthquakes (some simple Einstein rationale E=Mc2). Using further advanced data some people have applied this theory predicting earthquakes from recent powerful M & X class solar flares and their trajectories on earth.
Please note that these are still controversial theories and remain unaccepted by  Physicists and meteorologists at the moment, but with NASA's new solar observatory, SOHO and more advanced solar flare technologies evolving, scientist need to take a serious an urgent re-look at this theory and see if the flare and earthquake predictions do infact have a correlating relationship. The theory could become a valid predictive model in the future for earthquakes, giving a 3-4 day warning period which is much better then then 30 minutes - 1 hour that people get at present.
So please keep an eye out when a big flare (M or X class) leaves the sun - give it 3-4 days  and there may be an earthquake if it has an earthbound trajectory.
Astronometry Earthquake predictions:

Tsunami Hits destroys Japan Coast

1.5 Solar Flare (Earth Directed) - March 9, 2011 - 3 days to effect earth (the 11th)
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Anonymous said...

What's going on guys?

Anonymous said...

Wel its got me thinking now!?

Clark said...

Why am I not able to copy and paste text? I like to send snippits of articles to a couple friends on MSN, whenever I finds an article I think they would like to read, and then send them the link to read the rest

Dr Mum said...

I believe this is the case.
I have been following this for a while. My family have all become aware of new "twitchy" sensations after the last solar flare.I could be that the human being has in built prediction system?
Scientists would be advised to work out how to predict where it will happen. The ring of fire needs constant monitoring action stations. Not because of the quake themselves but the knock-on effect to world economics, infrastructure, tsunamis, nuclear accidents and mostly our fellow humans. Glad someone on the internet concurs. take care now everyone.

Anonymous said...

In the middle video labled
- - tsunami hits japan coast
you can see multiple white orbs starting aroun 1:18 when the fire gets to the middle of the screen around 1:22 you can see at least 3-4 orbs.

Dr Mum said...

Taken at the exact time of Japanese Earthquake in Minnesota

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