Monday, March 07, 2011

NASA scientist finds evidence of alien life IN METEOR !!

Finally NASA is coming forward with new groundbreaking evidence that alien life (well bacteria) is confirmed on samples captured from meteors (this article). This has major ramifications as bacteria are the backbone for more advanced forms of life, once again supporting the believe that advanced lifeforms are out there in the universe:

Aliens exist, and we have proof.
That astonishingly awesome claim comes from Dr. Richard B. Hoover (right) , an astrobiologist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, who says he has found conclusive evidence of alien life — fossils of bacteria found in an extremely rare class of meteorite called CI1 carbonaceous chondrites. (There are only nine such meteorites on planet Earth.) Hoover’s findings were published late Friday night in the Journal of Cosmology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
“I interpret it as indicating that life is more broadly distributed than restricted strictly to the planet earth,” Hoover, who has spent more than 10 years studying meteorites around the world, told in an interview. “This field of study has just barely been touched — because quite frankly, a great many scientist would say that this is impossible.”
Hoover discovered the fossils by breaking apart the CI1 meteorite, and analyzing the exposed rock with a scanning-electron microscope and a field emission electron-scanning microscope, which allowed him to detect any fossil remains. What he found were fossils of micro-organisms (pictured below), many of which he says are strikingly similar to those found on our own planet (pictured above).
The exciting thing is that they are in many cases recognizable and can be associated very closely with the generic species here on earth,” said Hoover. Some of the fossils, however, are quite odd. “There are some that are just very strange and don’t look like anything that I’ve been able to identify, and I’ve shown them to many other experts that have also come up stump.”

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William Higgins said...

I really want to believe this news, but the Journal of Cosmology website is just so crappy. It feels so 1995. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

It's fox news...

Anonymous said...

Just because a scientist says he has evidence for something it's no evidence for the scientific community or society. We know this from the topic of UFOs where there is also a huge pile of evidence.

Anonymous said...

well do you need evidence that there is life there or are you like me and you know life is everywhere and it does not matter what anyone claims?!

Anonymous said...

HA!..Well I find it interesting, that NASA can't find alien life here on Earth,but the closest they can get is Alien life in a METEOR here on Earth!? lol..Consider all that we know, from REPORTS on UFO. -
alien ABDUCTIONs & what have you!?
Does this mean nothing to scientists?..ooh yeah!..thats right,..Wheres the proof??

Does this mean,that the:"Disclosure Project at the National Press Club" Held by: Dr.Steven Grear in 2001 & ON; all the witnesses and evidence,

That this means little to the scientific community!?....I'm scratching my head here,a bit!?

Anonymous said...

Sure saves money on space flight,wait here and God sends us meteors with info that life is out there.

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