Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The RAF Bentwaters Files are the ones Missing from the UK MOD release - Linda Molten Howe

Linda Molten Howe, a well known investigative reporter says the media shouldn't beat around the bush - the missing files from the latest UK Mod file release from the National archives were definitely all on the well known 1980 RAF Bentwaters Rendlesham forest incident - period!

“Officials found a ‘huge’ gap where Defence Intelligence files relating to the (Dec. 1980) Rendlesham Forest/RAF Bentwaters case should be.”- BBC News

I am firmly convinced that it (Bentwaters phenomena) was something beyond the realm of anything we know thatprobably comes from another place - or another dimension.Here was something too small for human habitation, that movesunder intelligent control, has the ability to change shape, and thenmultiple objects appear that have the ability to send down the equivalent of what I would say would be laser beams."

- Col. Charles I. Halt (Ret.), Dec. 1980 RAF Bentwaters Deputy Bas Cmdr., 2009

Read more of her excellent write up from Earthfiles.com
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Anonymous said...

And this saga WILL continue!..GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Linda Moulton Howe does outstanding work. Thanks for this. Interesting times.

Brad said...

I love this incident. The whole time traveler evidence is refreshing vs. the typical ET knee jerk reaction. Also like knowing that humans continue to live far enough along to master time travel "beyond 2012 :)"

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