Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ufo filmed over Irkutsk region of Siberia, Russia - not a meteor?

A Ufo report in here from  Irkutsk region  Siberia, Russia. If anyone knows more about this report or can translate the spoken russian please reply to this post. I am assuming the Ufo filmed in this report is a recreation as the one in the second news video is the original -  what could the object be?

A UFO in the skies above Siberia is being investigated by Emergencies Ministry staff after concerned locals claimed they were visited by something unexplained.
Residents of Ossinsky district in Irkutsk Region said a loud, glowing object appeared in the sky – but nobody has been able to clarify what it was.
Security services responsible for air defence could not confirm any flights in the area, while search and rescue teams found no evidence that the aircraft had crashed.
Meanwhile seismic stations around Baikal confirmed that there were no earthquakes which might have caused the noise, while astronomers in Irkutsk have suggested that it could be a meteorite, Interfax reported. Source - Moscow news

What is this object - doesn't look like a meteor? the original cell phone recording:

For residents of the Irkutsk region deep space knocking on the window. The last alien landing shot on a mobile phone camera. These lights in the sky more closely resemble the patrol car with spetssignalami.
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Anonymous said...

The second video is from 2010...

M C Walton said...

the last video looks like a telephone repair truck parked on the side of the road...

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