Monday, March 07, 2011

RealUfos Readers Personal Ufo sightings

On a daily basis we receive many personal sighting Ufo reports from our readers here at RealUfos. Many people are asking for feedback from others if they also spotted these sightings. Im asking if you can look over these and if you also spotted any of these recent sightings please respond to this post with what you know. Also please remember to submit your sightings to MUFON as well.

Los Angeles (Torrance) 2/28/11 at 2:30 pm
Bright white ball over Los Angeles (Torrance) 2/28/11 at 2:30 pm. I was watching some high altitude jets spraying chem-trails and noticed this object in the direct path of one of the jets. The jet flew above the object that was slow moving in a northern direction. The object disappeared for a few minutes then reappeared and flew into or above some high altitude clouds. I am a pilot and this was moving way too slow to be a plane or jet. It appeared to stop momentarily before moving on. It was visible for a good 15 minutes. My wife and I both witnessed this. At about 3:30 pm I saw two fighter jets heading SE at about the same altitude as the object. Not sure if that was related but don't see them fy over very often.

Doncaster, south yorkshire, uk  26/2/2011
Hi, i wanted to inform you of a strange thing i saw on 26/2/2011 at about 8pm in doncaster, south yorkshire, uk. Ive tried my best to put it into words so here i go..
I was in the garden with my daughter, facing south we were looking up at the stars it was a very clear night & as i looked up found it odd that there was just one little cloud right above my head (about the size of my hand at arms lengt) the stars looked very bright & high in the sky, suddenly to the left of the cloud was what appeared to be a cluster of 30 to 40 small static star like lights with a hint of blue to them they just seemed to have dropped straight down from the sky above me, when i first saw it the lights seemed smaller than the stars but when it moved they returned to star size as if it was mimicing the sky. My first thought was how it looked like a huge bird with lots of smaller birds behind it & that it looked flat no height to be seen. The lights formed a shape closest to a boomerang it was about 15inchs cross at arms length at about 1000ft, it swept across the sky with no noise whatsoever, it started moving east very slowly about 5-10mph. This is hard to describe but il try, it had no visible outline & had no colour almost as it it was camouflaged matching the sky the shape was only visible because of how the edges were blocking out the stars. hope that makes sense to you. I went inside as it very much scared my little girl shes only 5 but had pointed out how `it copied the sky` i sat her at the table & went to talk to my partner in the other room, we whispered so not to alarm my daughter & she burt in with a drawing just same as i described. Im not really a believer in ufo`s but i has got my puzzled & trying to convince myself it was my eyes tricking me is`nt working lol & how could to people see the same thing if it wer`nt there? Ive never heared of anyone seeing this & would love to know what it was.?

Edgewood Md on March 1, 2011 
I saw very clearly a disc shaped object over a swamp
In Edgewood Md on March 1, 2011 at approximately 9:30 PM. It was visable from the road. Someone else must have seen it. I could not geta picture because there was no place to pull over and I was so stunned. Did anyone report a similar event in this area?
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