Monday, July 04, 2011

Impressive Triangle Ufo Over Toronto Canada 30th June

Amazing triangle Ufo type craft filmed on June the 30th 2011 at 10.15PM Over Toronto Canada . If anyone also spotted this please respond to this post.
We would like to hear people's comments and take on the interesting footage.
Check footage out at time spot 4.33

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Hieronymus Braintree said...

"I can't even follow it. That's how fast it's going," he says while following it.

These are unusual lights but we have only his word for it that it's flying too fast to be an airplane. And since he was full of it about not being able to follow the object there is no good reason to trust him on this.

If UFOs really want to be seen, please come out in the daylight. OK? No one likes a tease.

James said...

If this is not yet another CGI then it is very impressive indeed, but how are we to know for sure?

alexander said...

i saw this at 12:40 local hour Romania,first i thought that's a falling star ...i saw then a second object and i said to my friends : omg missile ...than i saw another 6 flying ..coming from the same direction .. i'm still shaking ...most people said that i'm crazy but me and me friends now what we saw

Michael said...

CGI expert here; 100% certain this isn't CGI! It's pretty obvious (at-least to me) that this isn't 3d animation/lighting effects from video editing software. 100% w/out a doubt genuine footage here folks. Now that that's out of the way; I think by "too fast to follow" he meant it's hard to keep up w/it while filming. No need to take it out of context. I don't know why y'all tear everything every1 says or does to shreds. We're human, so we make human errors! This craft has NO TYPICAL FAA LIGHTS meaning; If it doesn't have normal FAA regulation strobes it's NOT ours. Not to mention, the 3 fixed lights are illegal according to the FAA. Another fantastic piece of evidence to add to that ever-growing 5% file =) Btw Alex, WE believe you! It's only after you see them for yourself you understand. Just remember; you know something they don't know now!

mcristianu said...

alexander ..where did u see those object/light? romania? in wich city, date ? thank u in advance.

Anonymous said...

its a plane easy to see has flashing navigation lights.

Anonymous said...

I think this guy has made a commendable effort, for the best shot he could get of these lights,
but in my opinion,there is still
room for improvement,and THAT's got to be the hard one!
To achieve that clear,impressive,
without doubt, shot!!
So hard,I know!...can someone do that? without the contamination of CGI.cheating! for whatever the reasons.

Hieronymus Braintree said...

Michael, are you really and truly a CGI expert? Then why did you tell me that you weren't going to "dignify" my question with an answer the first time I asked you? Also, when you were "challen[ing]" others as to whether they were CGI experts why didn't you mention your expertise at the time?

Learning CGI requires intelligence and patience, doesn't it? How did you manage it then?

Could you show us some of your work?


Michael said...

Because i choose to ignore close-minded, ignorant trolls who talk out of their asses. Some of my art is available on deviant art. I've also designed logos for several companies & charitable organizations. 3dsMax/Maya & AdobeAE are not my particular field, but yes, i could show you several videos i have edited if i wanted to let you anywhere near my personal life or divulge any information @ all to you outside of this site, however i hate you, so i won't. EVER. You can fuck off & kill yourself for all i care. I don't give a shit if you believe me or not; I was just offering a VALID OPINION (as opposed your invalid trolling) based on my particular area of expertise. Take it or leave it, i truly don't give a fuck.

Anonymous said...

I did not see three but two red lights zoom high across the sky that made long red rocketlike trails sometime after midnight. I was actually searching the web to see if maybe what I saw was the shuttle lauch but my search led me to this sighting in Toronto. I live 4 hours northeast of TO in Ottawa. I beleive I may of saw the same objects as they zoomed away from TO. Having said that, we had two F18's do a fly by for Prince Will and Princess Kate here in Ottawa the next F18's go in that high? Were the soldiers fooling around the day before?

Hieronymus Braintree said...

Dearest Michael,

If you "truly don't give a fuck," then why are you so angry and defensive? Nope. There's no way I'm going to be able to see through that.

And I still want to know why you didn't mention your expertise earlier. I mean if I were a CGI expert and I went around "challeng[ing]" others on their expertise, I'd make sure that everyone understood that I know what I'm talking about. This is ESPECIALLY true when I've been making a serial ass of myself by attacking someone like an incontinent two-year old because I wouldn't want to lose an opportunity to show him up. And especially especially when that person has pointedly asked me if I were a CGI expert. If I really was a CGI expert there's NO WAY I would try the old "I'm not going to dignify that with an answer" routine because I wouldn't want to look like a pathetic weasel talking out of a location best unmentioned.

BTW, has anybody ever told you that you're cute when you're angry? Because you're not.

Spawn22 said...

Its just plane :-)

Spawn22 said...

Its just planes :-)

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