Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ufo over Humboldt Park in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday 2nd July 2011

Posters comments:
This my video of some interesting lights over Humboldt Park in Chicago. This was taken on July 2, 2011 at about 11:05 P.M. Sorry for the terrible shaking and what not, I was a little excited. The reason I place the camera down for a bit, is to get my fiance. I took out the audio because I figured no one wanted to listen go on and on about the UFO.
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ashapiro75 said...

Aircraft incoming to O'hare in a staggered line. see it all the time. -aliens over Humboldt? They don't want to get shot or ufo'jacked by the Latin kings.

Anonymous said...

Chinese lanterns still get airplay - and people excited. Yet if a real, three dimensional UFO turned up in daylight for all to see.. everyone would just say "Oh that's just CGI"

What's the point?

Hieronymus Braintree said...


Actually daylight CGI IS pretty hard to fake because there are so many more details in need of getting right. A white blob among other white blobs? Not so much. Also, if a lot of people reported it and we got some effing news cameras from multiple news organizations to say, "yes we all saw it and it was amazing," THAT would be the smoking gun.

Michael and I could then get married!

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