Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ufo orbs over Nebraska & Kentucky - July 2011

2 different areas but similar parallel orbs were spotted. May be lanterns but who knows..If you live in these areas and also noticed ufo activity please respond to this post.
Nebraska 2nd July 2011:

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StarBoy said...

I saw a white orb fly over my home in Indianapolis, Indiana on this same night. It did not make a single noise and was flying at helicopter altitude.100% positive it was not a plane, it was a white orb.

Anonymous said...

I was at my grandpa & gpas house
and saw somthing flying at plane altitude but was moving back and forth over about 200 yds we saw it for a minute then dissapered came back dissapered and then came back for a while and at about 10:30-11 pm btw their house is in seneca illinois next to chicago it looked like a disc no sound im 1 million% sure it wasnt a plane oh and it had lights lighter than ive ever seen

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