Saturday, July 09, 2011

Reader Ufo sightings

A few interesting Ufo reports submitted by some of our readers:

Lake Shore Chicago River
My husband and I spotted this light floating over the Chicago River last night around 2 am. It might be a bit difficult to make out at first. It was taken on my iphone. It started by hovering over the river for a bit, but then moved between two buildings, and through the Lake Shore East Park, eventually head south of our view, towards Grant Park. I don't know what to make of it, since it seemed to move with purpose, especially when it was hovering over the river, and then moved kinda abruptly over past the two high rises, then floating up, and across the park. Video Link

Lancaster, ny. walking down pleasant rd, me and my friend saw a bright white light in the sky. it seemed to be coming down closer to us as it got brighter and wider. then it started moving away and gettign dimmer and up towards the left. then all of a sudden it disapeared out of nowhere. havent seen anything like it before or since then.

4 of us saw a Flying sauser last night around midnight. the kids in there 20's decieded to go grocery shopping ,it cooled down and they have to walk over to the store. when they got home there talking out side woke me up. I went out side to see what was going on and there it was and I watched it for about 3 min. it was real close only about 1/2 amile away and real bright and spinning lights (white) staying in the same spot. I turned my head and looked away because I heard a comotion in the neighbor hood and it took off. MY son automatically went into denial ,because of his nature,but we talked about it and I looked on line and some one eles saw it too but further out ,in Fresno,ca. last night,they took pictures ,we didnt have a cam corder and none thought to use ther camera phone ,it was just some thing we couldnt stop staring. My son had seen it when it went accross the sky and then just sat there. It was huge as a house.

Buesum on the north sea coast of Germany
On Friday 22.04.2011 at approx. 12.15 hours, just after midday an object suddenly appeared at what I estimated to be between 2000 and 3000 feet in the sky to the west. It was rectangular in shape and had a large white 'ball' or 'blob' at the left side. I at first thought it to be a helicopter, but it took no time to realise it was not because it had no rotors. The only sounds of any engines were very faint in the far distance and a craft at this altitude would be much louder.This I know because as we live by the coast there are helicopters frequently in the vicinity. I then judged it to be a bird of prey, but this thought was soon quashed as there was no movement whatsoever.It took only another 30 seconds to get my binoculars, but even then I was too late; the object had vanished just as quickly as it arrived. If indeed it was a helicopter or any other normal aircraft it should still have been visible flying away to the north,east,west or south, but this was not the case. It had simply vanished.
What I write next may seem odd, but due to past experiences of sightings I made a note that I expected another visit and I was not disappointed. That very same day at approx. 22.45 hours a large bright white light suddenly appeared at the exact spot I had witnessed the object but this time it came in my direction, which meant flying east. I was prepared and soon had my binoculars trained on the light and at one point was more or less underneath, however to identify a distinct shape or style was impossible due to the glare of the light.I continued to follow the 'light' and saw that it changed course going south-east then instantly ascended diagonally at such speed and totally vanished, albeit in only a couple of seconds. This performance was repeated then on the following days: Monday 25.04.11 at approx.22.33 hours,Friday 29.04.11 at approx. 22.40 hours, and lastly Saturday 30.04.11 at approx.22.50 hours. Since then I have not seen anyhing more of it during my watchful hours.
On all four occasions I followed the bright light with the aid of my binoculars, but unable to make out whether it was the same object seen in the daytime on the 22nd. One thing for sure though, this was not a passenger aircraft that disappeared at such tremendous speed.

Lund in Sweden
I live in east Lund in Sweden and I was sitting up here in my room on the top floor when Iooked out the window and it was still kind of bright considering it´s the summer, so no stars were visible, and there was this big bright round thing, it shined like a strong strong star and the colour was kind of orange I guess. I looked at it for a while wondering what it was. First I thought a planet or simply a really bright star, then I wondered maybe if it was an airplane but it didn´t move at all. So I went down to my dad, because he is interested and kind of good at space and stuff like that. I asked him if there was a star or planet that was extra visible in that direction right now. He said maybe Jupiter. I went up again to look at it, it was at the same place. Only this time I saw two blinkig small blue lights next to the orange thing, one on its right side and one on its left, the same distance apart. That caught my attention even more cause I thought it was strange. I really wanted to stay and see if it moved or anything, like I´ve seen on some videos that some UFOs do after hovering a while. But I really wanted to see if I could get a more detailed picture of what it was, so I ran down the stairs to my dad again, asking for his binoculars, he has a pair that is really good you see, so I thought maybe I´d get a better picture of whatever it was. So I got the binoculars, but he held me for a while, telling me how to tell it, however I rushed up cause I felt like I didn´t wanna miss anything. And... I get upstairs and it´s gone. Noting there at all, besides a plane that flew close to us, pretty near the ground. Now... I went down again and told dad it was gone and he was surprised and thought I was kiddin with him. Then he said that i probablly was an airplane, but I know it wasn´t. Cause first of all; I watched it at first a kind of long time, and it was always the same size so it didn´t move towards me or away from me, and it didn´t move to the sides either. Second; the light was consistent, it didn´t blink or anything like that. It was just very bright. Third; it was too big of a light to be from an airplane... I would say the size of it waaaas.... maybe a third of the sun? I mean as we see the sun on a day. But I´m not sure..
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