Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ufos spotted infront of Phoenix, Arizona dust storm, “haboob”‎ ?

Massive sandstorm filmed over Phoenix Arizona the other day.
2 strange objects were spotted in the wake of the sandstorm. Were they aircraft filming at the scene or ufos? Your comments appreciated.
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Miketofdal said...

I'm really grateful that you posted this, though, as i'm sure you're aware, your video really doesn't do justice to the actual footage, as shown on CNN. In that video, one of the "lights" ascends to the top of the storm and, just before moving out of frame, slightly tilts toward the camera to show a VERY CLEAR DISC-SHAPED object. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was so clear! I also couldn't believe that CNN had posted this video OBVIOUSLY showing disc-shaped flying objects and did not mention anything about it in the story. I bookmarked the CNN video and began searching other sites for the same video - or something like it that showed the same objects. I found only one site that mentioned possible UFOs in their video, but the link was back to CNN. Within a matter of minutes, I returned to CNN to watch the video again AND though the opening scene was the same as the original video, the remainder of the video was completely different footage of the storm's impact on the Phoenix area. The UFOs were gone. If memory serves me correctly, the footage came from Phoenix-area channel 12. I went to their website to look at the raw footage and...well, the raw footage now stops when the two UFOs come into sight of the camera. I'm not a UFOlogist, though I believe that we cannot possibly be alone in this universe and what I saw on this video today proved that belief to be true, for me.

Hieronymus Braintree said...

Not bad. The problem is the jerky motion. Is it possible that the movement has been accelerated thus giving us a distorted sense of the time-frame?

Anonymous said...

You are the world's worst ambassador for people interested in UFO's. Honestly: "spooted infront." Learn to spell, learn some freaking grammar rules. This is the number one site? How embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Ufos spooted:..ha!ha! makes for an interesting accent! lol yeah?
it was all that dust you see!:)

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious they are planes.

Dr. Reason said...

Just planes! PROOF here:

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