Monday, July 04, 2011

Ufo report from San Jose, Capiz Philippines

A new interesting report in from San Jose, Capiz Philippines.
The video has english subtitles.
We would like to hear further from readers in the Philippines about any Ufo or ET experiences you may have had recently. Quite a few readers from the Philippines have emailed us recently about strange occurrences and we would like to know more.

CAPIZ, Philippines – Residents of San Jose, Capiz claimed that an unidentified flying object or UFO was seen hovering over rice fields in Barangay Jumaguicgic.

Witnesses accounts described the UFO as a glowing, circular object that appeared like a “ball of fire.”
The description matched the video footage captured by Jun-Jun delos Reyes on the same night of May 26.
The footage showed a circular image that moved in the sky from left to right.
Delos Reyes said the footage did not undergo any video manipulation.
However, investigations conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) revealed otherwise.
“Kung titignan natin ‘yung image, enlarged siya e, out of focus. Pero kung ibabalik natin sa normal, isa siyang concentrated na ilaw,” said DOST's Jose Mendoza.
Meanwhile, an "extraterrestrial expert," Dr. Serafin Leonardo Orijuela believes that what the residents saw was not from this planet.
Orijuela compared the video footage from an image captured on November 25, 2005 and pointed out the similarities of the two.
“Ang masasabi ko, totoo iyan. Kaya ang Pilipinas ang pinupuntahan ng UFO dahil mataas ang energy dito sa bansa,” Orijuela claimed.
DOST said more evidence is needed to prove if what the residents saw was extraterrestrial.
However, the bureau could not provide answers to the object’s origin

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