Sunday, July 03, 2011

Ufo over Portland Oregon 1st July 2011

Filmed 1st July 2011 over Portland Oregon.
Would like to hear from any readers in Portland oregon if you spotted any Ufo lights like the ones seen below recently:
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C. said...

I absolutely saw these lights.... I live in the Ladd Tower, in the SW, near PSU, and I have a really good vantage from up here (21st floor), facing north. These lights initially showed up right at sunset, and remained through twilight. I watched them from my porch, and even called my boyfriend (who lives in South Park Square Apartments, just two blocks south), and told him to get on his roof because I thought I was seeing ufos, and even though he did see the bright lights, he took them to be mere stars, and soon went back downstairs ("because he was cold"). I knew they were not stars... They were much too bright to be stars. They were moving, though slowly and sporadically. And ocassionally dim red lights would flash around the bright lights, in a triangular pattern. (Actually, I saw two triangles of lights, one larger than the other... both hovering at identical angles). And YES, I filmed it, and will try to upload it, though I used my Iphone, so the footage sucks. Joe, my boyfriend, looked at the recent postings of this sighting, and is pretty shocked, not to mention incredulous. Neither of us have an explanation, but this corroboration means that maybe many people saw these lights.

Anonymous said...

I also live in sw portland and have seen these with 2 other witnesses. i have been watching them all September. they have colored blinking lights whire red and green or blue. they just sit in the sky somewhere NE.

Anonymous said...

There is a possibility that they are some sort of drone as 1) there is a drone base in Portland and 2) there is a drone manufacturing facility near Hood River called Insitu, which is a subsidiary of Boeing.

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