Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recent reader Ufo sightings

This weeks personal ufo sightings submitted by RealUfos readers themselves. We receive these from all over the world.
If you also saw a ufo in the area mentioned below please respond to the post.
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BC Canada 2011
Was driving in Richmond british columbia, looked up saw something that looked like a chemtrail, but it wasn't it was coming down and left a small trail in the shape of a boomerang, it shortly stopped and this white ball just sat there and started moving towards the south

UK Pilot report
19:50 Hrs. Travelling from NW to SE towards the city at approximately 3000-5000 ft. Visible for 35-40 seconds. Silent moving, black triangle. No flashing "anti-collision" lights but two solid white lights, one on leading and one on near side edge, plus one red light. Travelling at around three times the speed of a conventional aircraft. Appeared on right hand side and travelled in front of me, so was able to view from side and rear. I would guess about 30-40m across, point to point.

Israel August 2011
Two weeks ago, about 2am in the southern part of Israel, i saw in the horizon, like a huge asteroid falling from the sky, with an angle about 30 degrees and with a very large golden trail. I saw a lot of "falling stars" or asteroids in my life, but this one was humongous. It was the size of a fist at arm range. it disappear at very low altitude. If this was an asteroid who crashed on earth, i'm sure that it would have incredible impact. but nothing.

Cyprus 2011
As i was standing on my front veranda outside my house in Cyprus there was this massive round spinning wheel spinning as i looked up since the light was so bright and had like a tale of fire the color of the whole thing was yellow orange like fire it flew past almost beside me in between the next door neighbour house. I truly believe it was a UFO!

Malta 2011
Malta Europe. 3 U.F.O seen above Malta international airport at 12.40 noon today 1/09/11 blinking and going around in a metal diamond shape.. lasted for around 20 seconds.

July 26th 2009 Perth
Two cylindrical object (Coke can shape) at end of perth international airport rotating through vertical axis and suspended perfectly still in winds of 15knts visiable for 5 minutes then disappeared.

Spain Balearic Islands
In Spain, in the Balearic Islands, I saw an unidentified object around 1am on 10th September. It looked like a normal shooting star however halfway across the sky, it literally stopped, and then bounced to the left and to the right for about 2-3seconds, then shot off again in a straight line. The object looked like a glowing ball or firefly - the impossibly sharp movement left then right, was amazing. I know separate people in my area also spotted this one
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