Friday, September 16, 2011

Southern California object raises more mystery - Ufo, Meteorite or NASA debris?

Further footage of the object over Southern California has raised concerns about what it actually was.I want everyone to remember NASA's didissue a warning a few days ago about the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite breaking up and entering the atmosphere, however i was sure that the re-entry of these debris were not expected for a few more
weeks? (if anyone can correct me on this please advise).

If you saw the object please reply to this post with any further information you can provide on it so we can work out exactly what it was. . Most people say what they saw was not a Meteorite.

Many people have taken photos of the object (like the one submitted by a reader to the right)
The below video is further new footage of the object:

San Clemente, California - This incredibly awesome UFO was captured in Southern California on September 14th 2011 outside the back yard of a resident that was able to run into his house and grab a camera and video was was left of a orange and green object that was cruising across the sky. This is original footage of the event still unedited from the camera memory stick. This footage was taken in High Definition and is posted as such. At this time the camera man wishes to remain anonymous until a reputable news source is contacted. "it looked like a red comet with green glow around it"
Further news coverage with different footage of the object:

GLENDORA, CA 9/14/2011
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Anonymous said...

check it out at 2.19, you be the judge

Anonymous said...

It's not a "nuts & bolts UFO," it is a Merkabah...

Bathtub said...

Witnesses in the TV reports are clearly describing a meteor. What the video shows seems rather different, but to be honest it's useless as evidence. There are plenty of lights in the night sky and they look pretty much the same when you zoom in on them.

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