Tuesday, September 13, 2011

UFO sighting triangular formation Michigan, US 2011-09-11

Submitted by a reader filmed over Michigan

We were getting ready to close up the house for the evening and looked out our front picture window to witness these cylindrically-shaped, vertical self-contained flame/fireball objects slowly traveling from a south-west to a north-east direction in a straight line just above the treetops. They appeared to look like big vertical hot air balloon flames only without the balloon, basket or accompanying noise. They were travelling in groups and/or triangular formations as well as singularly...all in the same path together, one right after the other. We were shocked and confused because we couldn't figure out what they could be...there is no physical, logical, atmospherical, meteorological or military explanation that we're able to conjer up. We ran in and grabbed our brand-new camcorder to try to capture as much as we could on video. The best perspective we were able to capture was the one we got showing the three of these independent, non-connected cylindrically-shaped balls of flames travelling together in a triangular-shaped formation. We watched them slowly travel away from us and then gradually just fade away into the clear night sky. Unfortunately, we haven't owned our camcorder long enough to get a really great shot for posterity as you can tell from our photo date saying "Sept. 12, 2011" when it actually was the evening of September 11th. We are in complete and total awe!
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Bagga said...

i hate to say it, but looks the same colour as chinese lanterns to me, anybody can send up 3 chinese lanterns and have a triangle shape, I am getting a bit bored of seeing videos of orange lights in the sky, it is so obviously lanterns.

Pierre Babbitt said...

I saw something very similar last night just north of Caledonia, MI, but the three lights were much brighter. Does anybody think it's that satellite that fell from the sky around California that same night? I just don't know. It scared me to death though. I was driving in my car down M-37 and it looked like it was just floating there.

Anonymous said...

I am in Byron Center MI and saw three orange fireball around the same time...although they were not in a triangle...they were all lined up one right after the other and going just above the tree line perfectly horizontal...chineese lanterns could not do this

Anonymous said...

It was a massive flying lantern tribute to 9/11 launched from Metro Beach. I agree with Bagga. These aren't UFO's, they are to honor people. These lanterns can be purchased from catalogs for about $3 a piece. That make for great tributes and better UFO speculation.

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