Saturday, September 17, 2011

Strange Ufo Bejing, China September 14

Submitted a reader what looks like 2 Ufo craft filmed close above Bejing skyscraper China September 14. If someone could explain this video
I would like all your thoughts on this new video
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Anonymous said...

ei ufo maanpäällinen härpäke

Anonymous said...

Onpas taas veikeä kekseliäs kommentti sinulta.

Ty uploader & lets keep on bringing out the truth.

Anonymous said...

Bringing out your thoughts in English, "AS WELL!" would be very much appreciated. Thanks!:)

Anonymous said...

Yes well i was saying the 1st part in Finnish to reply for this 1st comment as he has only commented skeptical rude / lame comments in past few posts. I said that isn't that a smart comment again from u.

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