Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ufo over Southwest - a meteorite ? Seen over Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Diego

We received numerous emails recently about the Ufo sighting last night over Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Diego. Some people spotted what looked like a fast moving large bright object. Apparently it was explained away as a meteorite by NASA.
We would like to hear directly from people who spotted the object - do you think it was a meteorite ? what did you actually see? Please respond to this post.

A brilliant bright light that dazzled the night skies across the Southwest from Phoenix to Los Angeles was probably an asteroid, a NASA scientist said Thursday.

People from Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Diego reported to local authorities and media outlets that they saw the mysterious fireball move quickly across the sky from east to west on Wednesday night,

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Randall said...

Days ago NASA issued a warning about falling debris. But just like clock work, the general population are mystified because they were to busy getting their news from mainstream corporate media. The same news outlets that offer commentary from unknown experts who tell us don't worry, it's probably a meteor the size of a pebble.

C'mon! What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Space junk!!..what are the RADAR REPORTS? radar reports!!
next please.

Anonymous said...

im not a scientist but i don't think that meteors change colors like 20 times, go horizontal, or hover for 20 minutes

plus after the first one there was a second one people witnessed. doing the same thing...

i didn't see it so i can't say for sure that everything everyone is saying is true.

I'm actually pretty pissed i missed it. i live in las vegas...

Anonymous said...

I seen it with my own eyes it looked like a big shotting was had green flames.I seen it from it started to seemed to be breaking apart.little part fell off.till it disappered.I thught it was a shooting star but it lasted long.and was way to i. Don't know if it was a ufo.but it was amazing to see.I was shocked and still lasted like one minute

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