Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 Helicopters over downtown Vancouver & Ufos in Canada

Ok we have been receiving numerous Ufo reports in from in from Canada recently.
I was just about to post 2 ufo videos from Canada when i was also sent this interesting video of 3 Helicopters over downtown Vancouver hovering very close together. Not sure why the helicopters are flying so close. If anyone can shed any more light on this recent helicopter incident then please reply to the post. I was seen by many people in downtown Vancover.
Helciopters - strange military exercise?


Helicopters or ufo over farm in Canada?
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Anonymous said...

heah-about the 3 helios over vancover?is that all you have?this is a ufo site.......hhhmmm

Randall said...

Military helicopters hovering for long period of time in Vancouver B.C.

Probably some type of terrorist training exercise.

Watch out!

Last time there were military terrorist training exercises going on in that part of the world, 3 commercial airliners went wildly off course, 2 of which slammed into the twin towers, 3 NYC building fell into piles of dust, and the Pentagon got hit by some mysterious object that many claim was an airplane.

Randall said...

As for the 3rd video: Two irrefutable absolutes exist.

1. Chinese Lanterns = NO
2. Iridium Flare = NO

Francis said...

This was shot on Sunday... September 11th. Hmm, I wonder why helicopters would be patroling that day over a major metropolitan city in North America?

Anonymous said...

Why is the video been deleted??????

Anonymous said...

Three military helicopters hovering Montreal, QC this afternoon. 15-09-2011

Anonymous said...

More to the point, why was the video downloaded in the first place? you wont a kink in ya neck?

Anonymous said...

ufon piiritys harkat

Anonymous said...

Easy - the two cities in North America with the highest annual number of movie/TV productions? Hollywood and Vancouver! Likely was a shot for a TV/movie production...when you see action of a helicopter in a movie, how do you think they get the multiple angle shots? From other helicopters!

Anonymous said...

yea,all i see is helios,where sis the supposed ufo?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. My good friend works for Helijet which is the biggest Helicopter company in Vancouver. They just purchased two new air ambulance machines. The reason 3 of them were flying so closely together was to get promotional photos. That is why the 2 closest together are the exact same, while the third is different.

Big fan of this site, but this is nothing.

Anonymous said...

Case closed but I thought this was creepy.

September 20, 2011
VANCOUVER — A helicopter pilot who went missing near Hope, B.C., last Friday has been found dead.

Anonymous said...

hey guys ... as for the helicopters over ( english bay) @ vancouver...
just another day at the beach.

i.e. i was there... and nothing to write home about , just another film crew.

what you guys should have paid attention to .. was the most exquisite images
wonderful!!( sigh) ....
the flow of ... one greater than ourselves..
the mystical winds, the beauty of masterpieces of ...such brilliance!

the sunsets that ensued.. for days afterwards.

look mummy ..
there is something in the clouds...( ya had to be there!!!)

francis, the gypsy

Anonymous said...

i work right by where this was shot. It was for a new "The Hulk" movie. chill your dick.

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