Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Virgin Galactic opens spaceport America !

Sir Richard Branson officially opened spaceport America the other day in New Mexico of all places. It will be the first commercial spaceport in the world. The Ufo-like futuristic design of the spaceport looks amazing from the sky and when running will offer the flight of a lifetime on the virgin galactic spacecraft (for those that can ever afford it).
Seeing this reminds me that we are actually now living in the future and finally making strides towards becoming a space travelling civilisation!.

Further Interview.

The world's first commercial hub for spacecraft has opened in the US state of New Mexico.

Virgin Galactic, which is owned by UK businessman Richard Branson, plans to start offering commercial services within two years, with customers having to pay $200,000 to fly outside the earth's atmos Show all

Already more than 400 people are in the queue to witness a view of the Earth until now reserved only for professional astronauts.

Spaceport America at Night:
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