Monday, June 04, 2012

Fast Moving Orbs Above Ivanovo Russia: 02/06/2012

Another interesting UFO report in from Ivanovo Russia, filmed on June 2, 2012. If these are Chinese Lanterns, they must be super fast moving! We've never seen Lanterns move like this!  Opinions and comments on this footage appreciated, and if you live in Russia and have seen UFOs recently please reply to this post.
Posters comments:
Observed flying close-knit group of UFO over our city. There are photos of the object, catching the main group.
 Sober. Do not drink alcohol. There are witnesses. They flew very quickly. If it were a supersonic aircraft, the noise they were very strong. And they moved silently. Route: from about Harink toward the baby. (This is understandable for residents of Ivanovo) If globally, but the direction of movement from the south-east. The observation took place 2nd June 2012 at 23:45 from the 7th floor near the third city hospital.
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Anonymous said...

Come on people, it's lasers on glass, an oldie but a goodie. Nice try Russkie, but no cigar. The last few seconds you can see the lights bounce but the background stay stationary.

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