Thursday, June 07, 2012

UFO On Tape With Nightvision - Sweden: 05/06/2012

New video in from Sweden. AUFO from the 5th of June.
I would like your feedback on this interesting footage:
As usual we have the 3 triangular Orbs that we often see reported with most UFO sightings:

Close-up and inverse of the footage showing the orbs structure:

Posters comments:
Sighting recorded last night at 2012.06.05 approximately at 02.00 AM in Sävedalen, i apologize for the wrong date on my dvr unit, it sometimes malfunctions. None! of the UFO´s (objects) seen on the film were seen with my bare eyes, they were completely invisible to my eyes, i had my NV scope pointed towards the direction where they are usually seen flying at night and after a few minutes i captured this amazing small fleet of tiny black spheres, spheres which are very similar to the shapeshifting black cylinder orb that i recorded some mounts ago in early 2012 this year. Their behaviour is anything but normal, the formation and the movement does not match those of birds, insects or any other normal natural phenomena, let´s not forget that my bresser nv scope is always set on 5x50 which means that the objects seen on the video are far away which makes them far to big to be either birds or insects. The glowing star seen in this video is not a real star, it was a UFO that first appeared as a tiny orb seemingly dropping out of a oddly shaped cloud, it then moved quickly towards the mountain region and become stationary, unfortunately i lost it after it started to move, but i managed to record it once it appeared a few seconds before it got stationary over the frequent UFO hotspot (This footage will be uploaded soon)
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Nick DK said...

Looks just like birds 2 me...

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