Tuesday, June 05, 2012

UFO Attends London's Queens Jubilee! 03/06/2012

Many were watching Queen Elizabeth's 60th Jubilee celebration,  in London the other day.
Surprisingly, a triangle UFO was seen on video footage of the event on the June 03, 2012.
It may be a military drone or a UFO, but we aren't 100% sure...
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Anonymous said...

Let me tell you now guys these triangular and rectangular ufos are man made, Government owned... When the fake invasion comes those crafts mentioned above will be what you see. we ALL need to stand together as free people, cause once its starts its going to be too late...

Anonymous said...

We agree anonymous! about the triangular ufos being manmade,and we ALL need to stand together as free people, BUT! "right there" is the question,...what constitutes a free people!?...when you consider,
our quality of lifestyle, in the "RISING costs" of living, and is dependent on:
"PAYED SLAVERY!!!" [Employment] to pay our debt!!

How FREE are WE, really??? unless your rolling in it! then you can call yourself the: "ELITE"

For most of us, "PAID SLAVERY" with nose to the grindstone.
Yes "FREE" to work harder & longer
hours,with advertising swamping us
all, to get us even deeper in debt,in one way or another please! don't get me rong,we all face this way of life, don't we?...so my point here is just this!?

How disruptive to our way of life could this be,as free as we think we are, IF! a fake invasion were to take place?....or if it comes to that, a real invasion! Well, forget the debt!!:)...and we will stand together! but how organized
would we be?...............

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