Monday, February 11, 2013

Ancient Aliens Prophets And Prophecies

The ancient alien theorists speculate whether prophets of the past actually spoke with extraterrestrial beings as opposed to heavenly sources, and they question if similar prophets are in existence somewhere on Earth today.
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Anonymous said...

Saying something, even repeatedly, doesn't make it so.

The reductivist arguments in this film are as inaccurate in their way as the fundamentalist arguments for Biblical inerrancy, the "literal truth." The former simply shift the fallacy to yet another belief system and call it factual. The latter constitute an utter failure of imagination.

Actually, both are. It's far more wondrous to recognize that there are different kinds of knowledge, not all of them empirical. The kind that delivers the pleasure we obtain from the experience of art, or the satisfaction from romantic love, or the ineffable, life-changing insights we obtain from psychedelics or meditation or prayer, are not vulnerable to logic or even to reason, per se.

They're True.

Speculative fiction like this film can be entertaining, but it simply lacks the depth and breadth of the original that it attempts to replace. It's no more true than Tinkerbelle (but no less so, either).



Anonymous said...

Out of all these confusing speculations,something must be correct,because when you look at these ancient magnificence of stone work & building structures, that once stood tall & gleaming in all its glorious splendor,but now lying around in the years of destruction,for thousands of years!? still looking as majestic as it ever was.

Leads you to wonder,what power & technology lay behind all this in the first place!?..something MUST make sense! but perhaps the attempt
to display a possibility,was not as
convincing as might have been,if gone into, in a greater depth,on another level.

I would go as far to say, that THIS proposal of ideas, on this particular subject,would have been a "tough one" for anyone to come up with,so: WHAT IF?

Even if its close..who could know?
its just something to think about.
After all,who or what was the power
behind these ancient kingdoms of splendor, thats staring us in the face,and we STILL don't get it.....

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