Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lightning strikes Vatican twice hours after Pope Benedict resigns

Ok this is not a UFO related but this story is doing the rounds and its so weird I have decided to share it.
We have previously written about strange UFO events during the papal inauguration and the passing of John Paul the II at the Vatican but this beats them all:
A freak thunderstorm swept over Rome just hours after the pope announced he was resigning and a lighting bolt struck the basilica of St.Peter's dome!. Thunderstorms are not unknown in winter, but they are more likely to hit the Vatican city in spring or summer, which makes the lightning strike even more unusual:
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Anonymous said...

God love us!! I think the Vatican just received a "TEXT" from Heaven he ain't happy!?:/

In my opinion,I feel it IS, UFO. related, in as far as what we understand the Vatican to be aware of, when it comes to UFO.

The Vatican, for example, has publicly announced, that they are prepared to "Baptize" any extraterrestrials whom would like to be Baptized..NOW..THAT! is a very profound statement to have been made,if they knew nothing about UFO.and the Extraterrestrial
agenda....AND, have two major Telescopes!!!..Why?..we know why!?

They know more, than they are letting on for now! Do the Churches
know?..I doubt it!! the churches deal with morality, within the TEN
commandments, & that's OK! the law will pick up the REST, that fall by the way....CORRUPTION in the Church??..are:"SOME! CROOKED MINDS"
of human nature,that bring a bad reputation to the rest of CHRISTIANITY,as they disguise themselves in the fold of the Churches, & their teaching,LIKE a
wolf, in sheepskin as it were.

Its NOT a reflection of CHRISTIANITY!!..but a reflection of
a WARPED MIND of human nature,WEAK!and needs help..its every where!not
just in the church!?..............

Luvoz said...

Pure coincidence, i don't believe it is the mythical 'god'.

Anonymous said...

Yes, coincidence?..we know that!

[but a mythical 'god'???] can't "know" that!? any more than than its said, he exists!? its about, how much faith is in your heart,when you just don't know,and
your looking for that, inner something...? that there must be something more to life than what is seen...

For example! could say, that UFO. is a myth!!
or Extraterrestrials!?..So what would all the sightings around the world be, if they are not ufo.or discs? what have you!?..A sign from God or gods?? as some people might think. The word "God" means supreme being!! so if you have an Extraterrestrial supreme race of beings,then it doesn't take much to put 2+2 together,and the rest is history!?..although,I feel he is
much higher, than even that! when you consider, what the BIGBANG was about, well thats another story,of
a Parallel universe,in my opinion, and the creation of a new reality
and that is ours!! All is created to die, and pass on to the other side,this reality, HERE! the school of life,and its a tough one
for some.Can we prove it? You'll have to die,to find out!:/...but not yet!! there is so much to live for, and learn.Its competitive,and we can stumble along the way! SO WHAT!!! keep smiling and do it again,thats life, and reality! But NOW!! Don't we find, that we are QUESTIONING the word REALITY!

Each of us paradigmatically, live our reality as we understand it,but is your reality the same as mine, or someone else? well it could be, but not necessarily so!?

If someone said they have been to Mars & back:) that on top of THAT,
they had been Teleported there and back...why would we believe this, if we had not experienced this ourselves?..its a "Paradigm shift of REALITY" if you don't believe in God! how could you possibly believe in a jumproom to Mars, as alleged!?..What does REALITY mean anymore,when something
newly discovered for the first time
and is always controversial,leaves you wondering what realities,have we NOT been told,and could you believe it, even if you were...

I have often wondered, if the Government ever did give Disclosure
on the ET. UFO. subject, whether the people would BELIEVE them, or just vote them out,:) I think you know that answer!?...............

Luvoz said...

I have seen with my own eyes a grounded ufo and a ufo perhaps 'mother ship' a long time ago, so i have my own proof that they exist, but to believe in a god you have to go against all scientific proof and evidence (not to mention common sense) that the human race evolved over millions of years, a lot more credible than the human race being made from a rib, and emaculate conception by one guy that seems too shy to show himself to the world today, after how many years? Yes i believe something did happen all those years ago, but it also ended all those years ago, and the myth lives on, just like all good stories.

Anonymous said...

Please don't have a closed heart and mind against God. Open yourself to the fact that everything that surrounds us including our own bodies is so complex, that its a mathematical impossibility for any of this to function with out intelligent design.I understand Darwin recanted his theory in his last days.

Anonymous said...

OK!..Your so complexed, in its program, to produce "living" components, that in total,make up a
life form of intelligence,in an array,of life forms on this planet.

It is to me,inconceivable that this
complexity of DNA.just happened by mere chance!? and they call it evolution for the lack of a better understanding!?

Its paramount to a "jumbo jet" assembling itself in the middle of a "rubbish dump" if ever enough time, could be given!?

So who? or what intelligence? has created the DNA??? and has been tweaking it, ever since!? there IS evidence of this!!

"God? or Extraterrestrial? or both"

Could they be one and the same???

Evolution to a point!!! Where life
adapts,to requirements or condition
but the DNA OF LIFE, must be of
intelligent design in the beginning
because of the overwhelming evidence of its complexity,and not by chance!!

Think of how complex; the eye is,
the inner ear, the vocal cords, internal organs,THE BRAIN! how beautiful you are:) the list goes on, and all this by CHANCE???
I need a break!?

The rib you commented on: Luvoz!
holds the DNA!!!

Emaculate conception?...Artificial Insemination, today!? The virgin Mary?..the same!! the technology then!beyond our comprehension today
but the same event!?

Common sense? just common science! and they don't always get it right do they!?

Remember?...the earth was once flat!? and still IS!!...but if you go out far enough,you see its round
haha! amazing that:)..............

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