Monday, February 11, 2013

Low flying UFO craft Recorded in Linköping Sweden

UFo or helicopter? Filmed over Linköping Sweden.
Filmer:  This one did not make any sound at all and it has a red light on the back.
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Greg St. Pierre said...

Nice catch. Not easily identifiable and thankfully clearly not a chinese lantern or lens flare which we've seen so much of lately.

Anonymous said...

Not that this may be related at all, but I live in Michigan, USA and was woken up last night to droning noise of what I thought was aircraft propellers. I think it was around midnight or so. It struck me odd that #1 such a large plane would be flying so low so late at night... and #2 it was moving pretty slow in my mind. Long enough for me to go to my front window and see what I thought was a red light from a low flying cargo carrier. Woke up this morning to find no one else saw or heard this... thought it might have been a vivid dream until I came across your post on a google search.

Oscar Ballard said...

Likely a Drone.

mickey said...

what u can say about this video, is that a montage or something?

Anonymous said...

If it has lights like that, it's terrestrial. Nothing off this planet is coming here with running & marking lights making nice for the FAA.

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