Monday, June 17, 2013

Grantsburg Wisconsin, Gets A Visit: 06/06/2013

Two bright UFO Orbs filmed in the night sky, in Grantsburg Wisconsin USA:

Filmers comments:
I drove up my driveway. Saw objects first three orange lights. Went inside for camera, took about 1 minute. Taped from front of house. First three lights disappeared then I thought it was over but then two minutes later, new lights appeared 2 reddish orange lights that turned and hovered in unison-then the object moved to the exact same place as the first three lights had disappeared and they also appeared to accelerate into a point and disappear. Six witnesses saw the incident. 
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Anonymous said...

3 of us seen them on the 5th west of Omro.
6 balls going from blood red to dark orange flying in pairs. No sound but could hear a plane north of us. Came from the south. Lost sight of them with naked eye and binoculars when they got west of us but followed them with nite vision until it was NW of us.
Picked up by 7 people west and north of me. The 7 others said they seen 4 that merged into one and hovered then disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Saw them again Aug 31 Sat. 8:30 pm. 3 in triangle formation north east of Oshkosh moving south. Watched them for about 3 min. Lost sight with our eyes but could see them with nite vision until almost east of us.

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