Thursday, June 20, 2013

UFO Ovni Watches National Protests - Sao Paulo, Brazil: 17/06/2013

Hovering UFO caught on tape, flying above Sao Paulo in Brazil, during national protests on the 17th of June. Apparently thousands witnessed the event.

This amazing catch just happened to be above hundreds of protesters! A very fast and inteligent moving light appears to slow down and observe whats happening on ground. Detailed: I've seen many of them but never couldnt get on video. That was filmed on June 17th about 5:30 pm, It was flying about 500 ft off the ground, hundreds of people saw the UFO. It was not wind and It was like nothing most people ever seen. The location was Sao Paulo downtown, Largo da Batata ovnis
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Kibby said...

Original video link:

Took me a while to locate the original video. The link you posted was re-uploaded by different YouTube user.

BarnsGotAnOwl said...

My friend and I saw what looked to be the exact same light last night @2:30am over Detroit MI. It moved in the exact same manner and even dipped in and out of clouds as it does in the Brazil video. The city had it's fourth of July fireworks last night and there were about a million people gathered down there 4 hours earlier.

BarnsGotAnOwl said...

my friend and I witnessed a light at around 2:30 am today over Detroit MI that looked to be the same thing. It had the same odd patterns of movement as well as the tendency to drift in and out of clouds. The city held its fourth of july fireworks last night and 4 hours prior there were over a million people gathered in the downtown area. What the hell is this thing? Suggestions?

Angie said...

Oh man more Chinese lanterns.

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