Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Orb Sighted! Quebec, Canada: 15/06/2013

New UFO footage in from Quebec, Canada. If anyone from Quebec also saw these lights recently, please respond to this post.

Filmers comments:
I was out on the balcony with family around 9:45pm June 15th, 2013 and we saw a strange glowing orb in the sky near the horizon where the sun had set earlier. As I zoomed in with my camera which is a Canon SX40HS with a 140 times zoom, I saw this orb changing colours and shape. You can hear myself and the rest of the family freaking out on what it is. The 2 lights on the left hand side are just lights on the side of the house across from us. Have never seen anything like this in my life. This was filmed in La Prairie, Quebec
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Ric Hansen said...

I can see from stills I captured of this that is clearly shaped like a pyramid sitting on a mirror. It also looks like a translucent framework. Very unusual. Good capture.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I live in woodstock ontario and saw 3 of these things fly over my backyard on June 15th 2013 at about 10:30. I have video as well, they made no sound whatsoever and faded/flickered in and out. There was just one, and then it faded out(but still traceable) then 2 more appeared. They were following a path, one even corrected itself slightly to follow the other. They were flying in the northeast direction.

I've been searching for other things people have posted about the same night, and another family spotted the same things in Massachusetts.

Truly the only thing that I've ever seen that had me in awe.

Anonymous said...

how far away would you say this was from where you were?? this is a great ufo video so far seemed like one of the most legit ones i have seen.. I have no video or picture evidence but I had seen a ufo about 100 ft above my head, around 11:30pm ontario. it had 3 blue lights in each corner ( triangle shaped) and one big blue/white light in the middle, made no noise and hovered above me for 10/15 min than slowly drifted N, NW from where I was. this had started my research on UFO. aliens ( extra biological entities) (E.B.E.S) anyways found this interesting. thanks for video

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