Thursday, August 15, 2013

Readers UFO submissions August 2013

Post in progress. RealUfos readers personal UFO sightings August 2013
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Las Vegas Valley August 10:

August 10 2013. 8:30 pm. The east side of the Las Vegas Valley. Mutiple ufo's were spotted traveling from east to west towards the valley. As they got to the rim of the valley they hovered for 5 minutes. It was like they were exposing themselves intentionally. The soon blinked out.
Niedersachsen Germany

This thing flew over us and the triangular shape kinde turned upsight down and it looked like the object was also rotating. That was the moment when we got really histerical because we thought it wil come down to us just before it disappears for a moment behind the trees. It really looked like that for me and my friend. I also felt it moved in a weird manner but i think the video is not bad expect for me shaking so much because i was scarred and high. i was aiming with the phone at it but looking in the sky and I always tried to readjust the aim. I have cutted the sound out because it is emberassing how histerical me and my friend were. Please watch this and tell me your opinion. Take a good look between 22 seconds and 30 seconds. Im still high but i think you can see through the lights blinking on and off kind of the shape of the object. It really terrified me.
I am very skeptcial about this stuff. I have also seen some mintues ago an airplane that also was very low and through its lights, you could see the shape of the airplane. just simply knew, that it was an airplane. The object in my video though, was bigger then the airplane i had seen after it but belive me, you couldnt see its shape it was too dark even though it was so low. As if a dark light was shining on the ship itself.

Minnesota - Lake Superior
Until watching a news story last night on FOX 9 in Minneapolis. We were in northern Minnesota last week, in Two Harbors which sits right on Lake Superior. We were outside late at night Thursday or Friday August 8th or 9th, looking out over Lake Superior at about 9pm when we saw a few orange'ish lights moving in unisen over the lake, their movement was completely in sync with each other. We discussed for a few minutes wondering what it could be, but when we gave up we went back to our drinks, which was not the reason for our visions!
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Eva Fleming said...

The Las Vegas sighting on 8/10/13 I can confirm. I had seen this same group of UFOs for about three days prior as pinpricks of light in the sky (almost like a group of stars, but visible in the day) traveling in the same east to west/southwest direction. On the 10th they became visible for a few moments very close overhead before vanishing. They appeared as small rotating disks that were shiny silver on top almost as if they were reflecting the sunlight (the disks were at approximately a 15 degree angle viewed from the side and rotating/spinning around. Picture a thrown frisbee like so \ spinning / \ / \). The disks were dark on bottom, black fading in and out to red very quickly. When they became visible they were obviously lower in altitude than they had been over the last few days. They first appeared as black points then quickly became larger so their rotating disk shapes were visible. There were between 20 and 30 objects, visible for 5-10 minutes. They disappeared very quickly, appearing to fly straight up, becoming the star like points of light for a second or two, then were gone.

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