Sunday, August 11, 2013

UFOs over the Basilica Minneapolis 9th August

This incredible UFO video is in from Minneapolis hovering over the Basilica 9th August :
Please take time to view this video in full screen and advise what you think you are seeing here
The filmer said the chance it was RC craft was low because no sound was made - what do you think?
Note if anyone was also in downtown Minneapolis  and also saw these lights please reply to this post asap.

Eyewitness: I was walking to downtown, from my place in uptown, via Loring Park. I spotted two objects hovering in the NE sky. At first I didnt pay much attention to them as I thought it was just helicopters perhaps. But then, one looked like it was sort of checking out the Basillica. Im not sure how far away they were, so it may have just been a quirk of viewpoint and unrelated to the Basillica.
That struck me as interesting so I decided to record them with my Galaxy Note 2 phone. I also tried to get enough reference points in some of the shots to triangulate size if someone is interested in doing so. Im not sure what the objects were. Im inclined to think they were manmade. They werent helicopters though, at least not normal sized ones.. nor did they have the correct lights for that sort of vehicle. (Perhaps Im mistaken?)

The objects themselves were dual colors. They looked like two square lights of some sort attached to one another, which you cant tell from the video due to the low quality. If I remember correctly the colors were a solid blue and green, but dont quote me on that... I cant recall for sure. In the video each object appears a different color versus each being a dual color.

Before I started to record, the second object had been hovering back and forth. Its the object you see hover up from the lower left in the video.

My feelings and reactions: Curiosity more than anything. Like I said, I think it was probably something of terrestrial origin and someone either testing out some kind of say.. drone, or something, or putting on a show of some sort with rc craft. They kind of reminded me of those small automated drones from some of the universities you see videos of doing synchronized flying. That or perhaps small RC craft (but silent). At first I thought there might be some sort of propeller sound, but it was just downtown noise.. As I made my way downtown no one else seemed to have noticed anything. (it was busy downtown)

How did I lose sight of the objects? See the video. They did their thing and then flew off. The second one looked like it had been landing or taking off before I started recording. Its hard to tell for sure though without a better idea of distance though.
Source MUFON


Anonymous said...

Possibly a RC.Craft electrically powered!..depending on distance & wind, might explain:
no sound!!..The way I saw it,the two lights came slowly down, in amongst the trees..have no reason to think otherwise..................

Anonymous said...

We saw it too - thought it was just a plane at first, then realized it was lower down. When i turned onto Hennepin, it flew across and down from over the basilica and went over us, so we got a good look. Don't know what it was and didn't hear noise from it, but it had four elongated u shaped rows of lights on bottom coming out from the center (with 2 green opposite 2 blue or red). If it was a rc, i hope the operator gets busted - it's stupid and dangerous to buzz cars on a busy street - i almost got rear-ended.

Anonymous said...

I was driving to my Fringe play when I saw the lights. They were hovering over the Basilica and then they flew off in formation. They looked like green and red squares.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize the Galaxy Note's lens was that good. Very, very nice filming. I'd guess RC too, but it's not for lack of clarity on the reporter's part--what is written here is a model of smart and sensitive narration, with that careful blend of objective and subjective that's hard to come by among amateur and pro alike. The things could may well turn out to be the genuine article.

I really enjoyed this one, Matthew. Does this contributor have any more? Like to see it--



Ray said...

Mystery solved...