Monday, September 02, 2013

UFO lights over Tokyo Japan August 30th

What were these lights?

Translation: I took a video of the UFO that appeared in Tokyo sky! August 30, with TOHOKUSHINSHA Todoroki broadcasting center roof in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward, this newspaper has successfully taken the UFO. On this day, recording "- that had (alien) guy retrospect emergency verification! Aliens invade Earth history -" the (9:00 broadcasting 14 afternoon CS family theater, October) was held in the same place, but its It is happening not even hope UFO would appear on the scene of, it had really happened. Yamaguchi Satoshi Taro writer familiar with the occult familiar and (47), Yaoi Junichi of UFO producer (68) et al, Asuka Akio cartoonist (63), "authority" of the road that is Zurari in this paper the number set It appeared however, about 1 hour between 7:30 before the 6:30 pm before, UF O's ha
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