Wednesday, September 04, 2013

UFOs - Generals, Pilots and Government Officials on the record - LIVE this Thursday

Generals, Pilots and Government officials will go on the record live to discuss their experiences with UFOs this Thursday at 10:30pm GMT2:30 PDT5:30 EDT. A panel of credible witnesses will join the YouTube channel Truthloader via webcam, each speaking for 10 minutes before a 30 minute Q and A session.

The panel will include Leslie Kean, author of the New York Times best seller, UFOs, who spent 10 years researching UFOs, gathering together the best documented, and most credible UFO sightings.

Joining Leslie Kean on the panel is Colonel Charles Halt, who in 1980 officially reported a UFO at RAF Woodbridge in England, which later became known as The Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Captain Robert Salas, whilst an officer in the US Air Force, witnessed 10 nuclear missiles become non-operational after guards reported UFOs hovering above the facility.

Captain Ray Bowyer, along with some of his passengers, witnessed an object estimated to be up to a mile long over the English Channel in 2007

Jose Lay is a researcher for CEFAA in Chile, a government funded organisation with whose mission is to scientifically collect, analyze and study all reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in Chile.

“With the 30 minutes Q and A at the end of the event, it’s an opportunity to ask some of the most credible UFO witnesses some questions. If people want to take part, leave a comment on the live video on Truthloader, post on our Facebook wall, or tweet us @truthloader” said Truthloader Producer, Phil Harper.

This will be a serious exploration into the issue of UFOs. Link to channel

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Aura said...

Looking forward to this!

Anonymous said...

YES!..I too, am looking forward to MORE of this panel, of professional minds,that know what they have witnessed, and of the "compelling" story they reveal, over & over!!..I commend Leslie Kean, for her professional down to earth reminder. To stick with that only, which we know to be EVIDENCE!!..Well now!..Can documents be EVIDENCE??? Considering,that document are written by professional authority in law,that presumable we trust with our lives,I would think!?[PILOT!?] And we have the very same professional authority on this panel!!!..So I wonder when it comes to a classified document, leaked to the public of the world,just how authentic, is the story of President Eisenhower's meeting with four different groups of Extraterrestrials at Holloman in the 1950's..EITHER IT's TRUE!! or IT'S NOT!! anymore than what Cap.Robert Salas has pointed out,that there"HAS BEEN"contact with ETs in the form of ABDUCTIONS!! but NOT in the way we think or like!..I think Leslie Kean knows the skeptics mind,and does not want to rock the boat, step over the line, as it were! Its hard to know what the facts are anymore.The story is compelling,but the reality of this story for those,who have not had this experience, needs something more than just lights in the SKY,and a very compelling story that can not be denied, because of the account given, by those in professional trust in their position.

"We are past the lights in the sky," what ever they are,and Leslie does make a very precise point about the term UFO.meaning: [Unidentified Flying Objects] and like she's pointed out,it does not mean that a UFO. is Extraterrestrial!! as alot people are accustomed to thinking and saying.In a good deal of cases,these lights can be explained; as lanterns, planes, helicopters - what have you!?..Extraterrestrial is a LIGHT to be more defined, as such..and THAT is the hard part!? or for some, definitively!!..and in that case is NOT a UFO. is it??? Call it for what it IS! OTHER WORLDLY!! an [OW]..? I don't know, it doesn't quite fit, does it? so we'll just keep calling it a UFO:) its what we've all become used to, "but WRONG!" and Leslie IS RIGHT!

You now, its not so much that we doubt the compelling stories we hear from professional & prominent people in their
field of work, in what they have witnessed, but its the Debunking of others,that leaves you wondering, who's next!?
You can be left in a quandary!..What you thought was correct, can now be wrong!?

I think the people by now, know the compelling stories, as a "sit up, & wake up surprise" but what we really need now, is something more TANGIBLE! to confirm what we've round it off! That'll be the day:)...............

Anonymous said...

I love this , live testimony from professional former military personal , that's all we believers have . IF a court of law can send a person to there death by the testimony of one credible witness , why can't i believe there testimony I urge everyone to watch this and open there minds.

There is nothing else all the evidence is hidden/clouded , we need more of this. From around the world video conferencing is so great we can get a lot of credible witness to go on the record like this , it can't get any more convincing.

I m not sure why leslie kean is wasting her time trying to get the United states government involved, some say we have to stick to the facts and stay away from conspiracy theories, i agree but if i believe in the stories i just heard i have to believe there is a cover up .

Its common sense there has been a cover up for a long time by groups in the major industrial governments of the world.

I say for now get more pilot, military and other professional even regular folks to go on the record .

once you have so many on the record and a lot more people in public believing in this then you can have a bigger movement demanding answers .

Anonymous said...

All good, and we agree!..More video conferencing from around the world, of credible witnesses and their compelling stories, could just well make a difference, to understanding what is going on,unbeknown to us, until NOW!!!

And a specially, for those just discovering!?..My real introduction into the story of UFOLOGY, was a video I watched:

[Disclosure project 2001] Steven M. Greer MD - Director. & was held in the National Press club Washington DC - May 9th.2001.

When I heard the testimonies of these credible witnesses,and there were many of them, it came as a shock!
I had no idea, any of this was going on.I knew something was going on! but not to this extent. I soon discovered!

Now..I can't let it go,I've got to know more,and I don't think I'm alone on this. The more you learn,the more you want to know.It's now become an everyday obsession, and time is dragging on with the biggest story of the millennium, to discover!....................................

Anonymous said...

A warning of the Major Industrial complex holding "MAJOR" power, HAS been given......................long ago!!

And POWER holds the REIGN!!..Compartmentalizing industries, on a need to know basis, meaning..EITHER KNOW NOT THE OTHER! but can communicate on the same page,on a need to know: [ COUNTERPARTS ] relative, to!?

Power holds the reign, and the "horse power" is taking WE!!in the carriage, for a ride! into an unknown territory!?
and has been for some time.Is it possible for any of us,TO GRAB THE REIGNS OF THAT HORSE POWER,[Industrial complex] and turn it around???

STOP!!..W h i n n y..BIG UPSET! remembering,not even the President, "has a need to know"

Who's running the show???...."Hidden/Clouded" IS a very good & mysterious Description..............................

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