Tuesday, September 03, 2013

UFO lights over Concord Ohio 1st September 2013

These strange lights were filmed over Concord Ohio 1st September 2013.
If anyone else in the vicinity saw them please advise.

Source: Mufon:
I saw lights in the sky and they were rotating in formation then disappearing. deploying some sort of craft?
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Anonymous said...

i live in MA and saw the same sort of lights but only two of them. they would vanish and then appear in another spot of the sky. it was about 330 am my time not sure if that translates to when you saw them or not.

Anonymous said...

my family and i saw lights similar to this on august 30 2013 around 1030PM north west of jackson ms. they were in a line then went to a trianle formation then vanished one at a time over about a 5 min span.

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