Sunday, January 25, 2009

Admins needed for new UFO discussion Forum

Hi all,

I am looking to re-establish our Chat Forum which taken down a few weeks ago due to ongoing attacks and spammers. Many people have requested that they would like the forum back but it must be easier to navigate and be free from spam.

To achieve this I need some hard working admins to help moderate comments to ensure the forum remains a fun and interesting place to be. This is a great opportunity to be part of the global debate on the ongoing discussion of the Ufo phenomenon.

Also if you are Ufo blogger or have a Ufo website i am willing to co-share our established forum with your site if you are able to contribute to assist in moderating the forum. This includes adding your banners & info to the forum and this will bring great exposure to your site.

Any interested people please email me, describing yourself and any previous forum moderation experience.

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josh said...

hello, about your blog and the forum.

as long as your starting new, i have a few suggestions. since i have only recently become fascinated with UFOs.

i came to this website, curious, looking for REAL documentation and research on extra terrestrial life. there's so much junk floating around on the net.

with as many hits as your website gets i suggest that you try and take ufo's as seriously as possible.

but when skeptics come to the website to bash ufo's im sure they are happy to see the "bigfoot" and "ghost" sections on the forum.

please keep on subject for the sake of credibility.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
You can significantly reduce the number of spammers by creating a topic in the forum and password protect (depending on which forum script you are using. I use PHPBB) just that topic and share the pw amongst your peers or people who request it. I used's chat and entered the chat code in the database through phpmyadmin. Keep in mind to post the code in the topic part of the database.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to help out and admin the forum Matt.


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