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Denmark releases all its Ufo Files

As the Eu starts to expand its Ufo disclosure campaign amoung member states, following Frances lead, Denmark is the most recent country to dislose all its classified Ufo Files to the Public.

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Read one of the most recent secret translated files below:

Secret File: 15-year-old then rumm├Žnd on Fyn
28. January 2009 08.56 Inland
The bell was 04.30 early morning in the summer of 1982. Observers - a 15-year-old - was cycling on the way to his work as summer successor at a nursery. Approximately 15 minutes later he spotted something very illuminating 50-60 meters contained in a field.
He rose to the bike and walked toward the bright object, he wondered about the strange phenomenon. The subject is described as two deep dishes placed on top of each other around. 2 meters high and 2 meters in diameter. There were no visible details on the surface, apart from something that resembled a "member" of one side.
10-15 meters from the subject observer could see five figures. The so human, but was not higher than 60 cm (!)., had large head and chest and small hips and legs.
To start one of the observations in Denmark's past secret ufoarkiv, which today has been put online.
Danish security has nothing to do with ufoer
Thus, Denmark has followed the United States, England and France, have already made public the archives of ufoobservationer.
One of those who have been closest to the previously confidential files of Thomas Pedersen set by Air Force Captain. He has had the Danish ufoarkiv lying on his office for many years.
- We have decided to publish it because there is nothing secret in it as such. We have continuously been approached by journalists who want to see this archive. And when we told them that they like, because there is nothing secret in it, then lose interest, he says the Go 'Morgen P3.
- Air Force has no interest in maintaining secrecy on ufoer. Our mission is to ensure the Danish security in peacetime. So we have no interest in investigating ufoer.
Danish defense hose gays against ufoer
The archive from the Air Force is in no fewer than 329 pages and range from 1978 to 2002. Since then, the association Skandinavisk UFO Information taken care of all reports of ufoer.
Most of the reports are due the Air Force has never been solved. But by observations that have been precise and detailed enough to investigate and clarify the ufoen typically proved to be either a military or civilian aircraft, a weather phenomenon, "China lamps, a bright planet or something else quite natural.
Today, the Air Force only tasked to provide pieces of the investigative work in the form of information about where and when, there have been military aircraft in Danish airspace
Captain Thomas Pedersen also rejects that the defense has ever shot against a UFO:
- If you did, I would personally think it was one of the stupidest one could do. Because if now we see a movie as Independence Day, they are the highly sophisticated with their equipment. When we come to our small catapult against a superior unit - so I think it would be a defeat, he says with a grin.

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Read on of the secret translated files below:

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Mathias said...

As a matter of fact, the major danish news station has just released a video, filmed by an elderly couple, of a silent ufo who stays completely still in the air. The video can be seen here;

The couple discusses what it can be doing the video, they claim that the lights underneath the UFO are flames.

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