Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nick pope speaks on Fox News about airforce shooting down ufos JAN 27 2009

Former Uk ministry of defense officer Nick pope is yet again in the media (on Fox)- this time over his recent comments about the Uk Airforce shooting down Ufos. I am starting to think is the Uk government sponsoring him on his Ufo disclosure campaign ? - Nick is always there when Ufo news comes out from the Uk - he is doing alot of good work and is well respected in the media and in ufo circles, he worked for the Uk government in their Ufo research program so i guess he would be the ideal person to support to get the word out - like what he is doing right now ..
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Anonymous said...

Nick Pope ROCKS!

moe120 said...

one of the most important interviews i think Nick gave recently. Gratulations for this :)

did you notice how sceptically the moderators asked him "but arent these all helium filled ballons ?? because we in the usa had studies that came to this conclusion" ...
incredible, they seem to really believe what they tell the public on screen and never even question the biggest BS they report of

Anonymous said...

Dogfights? That's news!

Anonymous said...

the interviewer is a stupid fucking prick. and the bitch at the end is stupid too, makes me so angry

nick dk said...

YAAA....In your face BITCH!!

U damn right he is Former Uk ministry of defense officer!!

Now Wake the fuck up and smell the air...

Anonymous said...

Dog fights: this is exactly what I
suspect has happen and thats why
the UFO matter is so secret: UFOs
simply turned violent and our airforces failed to down them, when
they crashed e.g. Roswell, there
were other reasons involved.

l2 said...

Nick Pope is the government's biatch

Anonymous said...

whys vid gone and why would they shoot it down? did it shoot at them? fucking control freaks

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